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Costa Rica for Investors


Costa Rica offers an excellent strategical situation for an investment. Not only the project has a lot to commend for this new Hotspot of the real estate investors, but also the country itself.

There is a huge number of factors and other reasons for the purchase of a real estate, a house or property in Costa Rica, everything has a lot to commend for an investment.


The speedy removal of the infrastructure in Costa Rica beacons the prices of real estate and properties.

In January, 2008 the construction of coast road, the 77-km-long San José-Caldera highway, was decided by president Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez and other government members. On the 28th of January, 2010 the mega project (building cost approx. 238 million dollars) was officially handed over to the traffic. The highway shortens the running time from the Central Pacific Gold Coast to the capital city San Jose from two hours on approx. 45 minutes. The property, and real estate prices in the coastal region reacted accordingly and today offer a safe and added guaranteed value.


Capital asset with guaranteed return - Costa Rica


Who looks for a respectable investment should pay attention first at all that the invested capital is conserved. Here there are only few possibilities which guaranteed the capital preservation to 100%. We would like to introduce some of these possibilities to you.


The project, the Pacific Flowers Park Residence encloses a hotel (2 buildings with 120 rooms, 1 Residence consisting of 2 buildings with 52 flatlets as well as 41 exclusive building plots with plot areas of 1.750 sqm to 5.117 sqm. Further information about the hotel.

Pacific Flowers Park Residence Hotel

Most real estate projects which are sold today in Costa Rica lie in the mountains and are far away from the ocean. Only about 1/10 of the real estate and properties in Costa Rica offers for sales are nearby the beach.


The Pacon Projekt Investment GmbH and her partners develop projects in both regions in Uphill as well as in beach site We have the opinion that the mountain regions with good outlook at the Pacific or the Caribbean are the better locations for a long-term investment.




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