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Costa Rica offers excellent conditions


Costa Rica is one of the safest and most attractive countries for foreign investors in Latin America. Individuals, domestic and foreign companies can easily buy real estate and property in Costa Rica. Government, ministries and financial institutions of Costa Rica hold regarding the security of financial and tax law a pro-US and European course. Very good education standard, high motivated manpower and low labour costs make Costa Rica the investment aim number 1 in the Latin-American economic area.


The efficient removal of the infrastructure of the country creates optimum conditions for a unrivaled competitive advantage and lures more and more high-tech enterprises and investors to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica a country with potential for investors


Reasons for an Investment


  • Booming ecotourism, 1. 6 million visitors yearly with two-digit increase rates plus of the normal tourists
  • The numbers of the hotel and wellness Resorts rises constantly and the awarded planning and building permissions are not enough to cover the increasing need of the tourism sector during the coming years to
  • 30% of the country are integral nature reserves (world heritage of UNESCO) and offer therefore permanently amusing destinations
  • Very good school system organized by the government. It is one of the best in Central America (illiterate rate only 4. 7%) Also in the area of the universities Costa Rica becomes stronger and stronger and get more and more international attention.
  • The education in Costa Rica is very good and the manpower as well as the low labour costs makes the country very interesting for an investment location
  • Modern and well put up health care system (is valid as a model for all countries in Latin America)
  • Costa Rica offers 100% exemption from taxation for capital investments
  • Furthermore Costa Rica offers for investors 100% exemption from taxation on profits during the first 8 years and 50% for further 4 years.
  • No restrictions for the return of capital, profits and foreign currency
  • Costa Rica owns one of the most advanced telecommunication systems of Latin America
  • Stable democratic government since decades. Costa Rica is valid as „Switzerland of Central America“
  • Free of charge support of foreign enterprises for development projects by the CINDE (Costa Rican organisation for development projects)
  • High rising trend of the settlement of internationally active enterprises (EMC, Intel, Hewlett & Packard, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Hitachi, Abbott Laboratories etc. )
  • Bargain offer for real estate prices (just now) with trend rising hard in the meantime. Because of this the investment, becomes interesting foe private investors with low capital assets.


Costa Rica offers a lot of advantages


Just for older people Costa Rica offers many advantages, the all-year good climate is one of many reasons for an investment in Costa Rica. Also it is the respectable economic growth as well as the political stability of the country.which makes an investment really interested.


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